Chicago Cycle Center - Worst dealer in Illinois, maybe the world.

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Seems like Mike J had a similar experience to mine. My motorcycle is an 07, not even 2 years old yet.

The salesmen lie not only about the service package, but also about financing terms. I was told my payments would be $100 a month, and that I could take as long as I wanted to pay it off. I got my first bill and it was $256. They knew I couldn't afford it and lied on my credit application, as well as me, to get the sale, and then I was stuck.

Then I had the same problem with service. They made it seem like I could drop it off, kill a few hours, then come back and get it. This summer they had a 1 month waiting list to even make an appointment, then another week to fix it. Nobody ordered the parts I needed, and I specified exactly what was wrong and asked them to order them at the time, to save time once they figured out I was right. Then they said 8000 miles was normal wear on steering bearings (the manual says lube them at 15000 miles) and wouldn't cover it under warranty.

I had a rattling noise coming out of my ignition and they said it didn't affect the performance of the bike and ignored it. It is very annoying and I think after spending 14000 dollars on a motorcycle I deserve to have a peaceful ride.

I spoke to the service manager who seemed very concerned, but never called me back. Then I spoke to the sales manager, and the same thing, very concerned but nothing was done. The second time I talked to the sales manager he had an attitude and talked to me like it was all my fault.

I am convinced that their periodic maintenance consists of new spark plugs and turning up the idle to make you think they did every thing else. The icing on the cake was last service I had they couldn't even do that right. On my way home I hear an engine knock and couldn't figure out why. On further inspection I realized one of my spark plugs was about ready to fall out of the cylinder. They offered to come pick it up and fix it, which probably would've taken another 2 weeks so I just spent another $10 on top of the $400 something for the service and bought my own spark plug socket, which didn't work, which is probably what the mechanic used. Then I realized there was a special socket that came in the tool bag with the bike. Also I have a coolant leak now, 400 miles after the 8K service which demands that all coolant fitings be checked and tightened.

Nobody here cares about you or your motorcycle because it's not their business or money. They make the same hourly wage whether you are happy or not. I tried to get a hold of an owner and no luck. I'm stuck going there one more time because I bought the *** service package, but after that NEVER AGAIN!!!! I'll find somewhere else to take my bike for the rest of it's long life.

If there was only one problem, I could figure it was a mistake. However, every department of this company screws something up every time. Websters dictionary defines insanity as repeating the same action and expecting a different result. I am not insane, I expect one more terrible service, then I am done. Do yourself a favor, don't be fooled by the "biggest" motorcycle dealer in chicagoland. If a small dealership dosn't have what you are looking for they will gladly order it.

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Chicago Cycle Center - Chicago Cycle The Worst

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Chicago Cycle - should be renamed to Loser Cycle - located at Touhy in Skokie - they are a high volume seller of motorcycles - but don't count that your bike is put together correctly or that the moronic service team can fix what ails your bike.

I had 2 Ducati 695's that each exhibited issues with the Oxygen sensor - it is widely known on the 'net - with various fixes - the bike was returned to Loser Cycle less than 45 days after purchasing it - because they couldnt figure out how to make it stall in turns... so they decided it was USER Error... really... so I can ride my harley, my KLR and Suzuki fine - but the stalling in turns... yea that's my fault?

They kept the bikes a year - promised to lemon law them - and did nothing - at least one bike got swapped out for a cruiser - that came complete so the left over service squad didn't touch it much. They dont return calls, won't deal with you - you bought it - it's yours and they are done with you

They have a horrible rating with the Better Business Bureau - I should have read up on them first - don't be taken in by them- they are AWFUL

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The worst experience you'll have.These people lie and scam and will do anything to part you from your money.

Don't trust anyone that works there. They are absolutely terrible to do business with. Just a bunch of slick talking salesmen that lie to your face. Don't believe a word they say.

They don't return calls and will ignore you as soon as they have your money.Save yourself the headache and take your business to a reputable company.

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